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Article published in South Australian Garden and Outdoor Living Issue 7 Spring 2012 http://www.gardenandoutdoorliving.com/

Keeping Up Appearances

 A beautifully designed garden quickly loses its appeal if it looks untidy and overgrown

By Elaine Baker

Some of the most beautiful gardens you will see around the suburbs have been lovingly tended by their owners for many years. But eventually age catches up with them and they can no longer work in the garden as they once could.

As a professional landscaper who also offers a garden maintenance service I sometimes receive calls of help from previous landscape clients.  They are delighted with the garden when it is finished and initially they have every intention of maintaining it in its manicured state.

But sometimes priorities unavoidably change.  Work demands increase, people fall ill, some have to go away for an extended period and rent the house out. 

Before long, weeds take over, the lawn is knee high, once precisely clipped hedges and topiaries grow out of their original shape, sometimes irreversibly and it takes considerable work to return the garden to its former glory.

These are just two instances where a garden maintenance service can provide invaluable help.  A reputable person providing a garden maintenance service will look at your garden and develop a sound but individual maintenance program.  They will know exactly what to do and when to do it.

We are talking about people who know when it’s time to fertilise or prune, what to do if an unwanted little ‘beastie’ appears on a plant and the myriad of other issues which help keep a garden in good order. They will have qualifications and/or experience, have the appropriate licences and insurance for the work they are doing and will be able to show you references and examples of their work.

If you are a busy professional couple, you may want to arrive home to find everything looking pristine without having to make any decisions about your garden at all.  However if you have always been an avid gardener and are no longer able to look after your garden yourself, you may want to be very involved in the process and will look forward to that regular visit which enables you to still care for your garden through your gardener.

For people who wish to maintain a beautiful garden without putting in the work, hiring a garden maintenance service is certainly a worthwhile investment.

The Landscape Association of South Australia has a register of members who offer a competent garden maintenance service and a list can be found on the website at www.landscapesa.com.au.